corporate events

To start with, there are different proposals for company events, while you have the possibility for customized events as well.

Company parties

Celebrations, awards, and other company gatherings may need a crescendo that only live percussion can achieve.

Live percussions / choreographies

The band plays live music with percussions and our dancers perform a breathtaking choreography.

Drum Circles

A percussion instrument is handed out to each one of the participants. Under the guidance of the B&W DRUMS “maestro”, everyone contributes a tune trying to create a song along with the others.

Team spirit and fun are guaranteed through the creation of music. The musical instruments used in these events are either traditional percussion or boomwhackers, the new world trend.

Body percussion

Making music with the body; hands, legs and the entire body are used to produce sounds. The acoustical and emotional result, under the guidance of a professional music teacher, is astonishing.

Contact us for other suggestions, ideas and details.

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